First Time Owners & Horse Syndication FAQ's

What is horse syndication?

This means you purchase a share in a horse and race the horse together with a group of fun people - we know this as ‘shared ownership’. We believe in making Harness Racing Ownership Affordable to everyone and anyone to be involved, a large group who get to know each other and enjoy the racing experience together. Off n Racing's Andrew Fitzgerald is the syndicate manager for your horse.

Why should I race a horse with Off n Racing?

Off n Racing are leading the way in the Harness Racing Industry, in offering Fun, Exciting and Affordable Harness Racing Ownership with Leading Trainers all around New Zealand.

Off n Racing makes your racing experience enjoyable and fun.

How does Off n Racing choose their horses?

The Off n Racing Team has a wealth of experience and also calls on the knowledge of some of New Zealand's brightest stars in the Training and Bloodstock Ranks to help us select your future stars.

Who is going to train my horses?

At Off n Racing we have a range of Trainers available throughout New Zealand. The decision is in your hands when it comes to the horse and Trainer you want to be involved with. Our Trainers are some of the best and brightest stars in the Training Ranks

Do I have to just racehorses in New Zealand?

Off n Racing race horses in both the North and South Island's of New Zealand and will be expanding to Australia sometime in the near future.

How can I buy a share?

Simply browse Our Available Horses List on the Website

You'll find everything you need to see from Videos, Photos, Pedigree Pages, Trainer Details & Comments, Bloodstock Comments, Disclosure Statements, Syndicate Rules, and Acknowledgement Forms. Full pricing and share breakdowns are available on each Horse's individual profile.

We have shares for every budget - Our Available Horses is updated frequently with new syndicate offerings - shares sell very fast so if you are keen on a horse, let us know quickly.

When I buy a share/into a syndicate what does it include?

When you get involved with Off n Racing, you know that your horse will be given every opportunity to maximise its potential as an equine athlete. We are committed to bringing out the very best in all of our horses. You will really feel part of the Off n Racing Team team and be warmly welcomed. You also receive:

  • The acknowledgment of ownership and care for of an incredible animal - horse welfare is an absolute priority for us
  • Love of the sport
  • New friendships and camaraderie with like-minded people
  • Opportunities to plan trips, travel, and have fun - including annual Off n Racing owners’ events
  • The prospect of winning – adrenalin – some people say it's the ‘best sensation known’
  • Amazing, world-class communication every step of the way about your horse's progress and plans

Can I go and see my horse?

Yes, certainly, by appointment at the stable, and trials and races. You are always very welcome.

Will my name be in the racebook?

Each newly formed syndicate is given a separate name i.e. Eyecon is owned by Off n Racing Eyecon Syndicate (Mgr: Andrew Fitzgerald). Individual names are included if the horse is owned in a smaller racing partnership, or if you purchase 10% or more.

What happens if my horse is racing?

Our owners are all regularly updated about every aspect of your horse and you will be well informed about all trials or racing plans for your horse with pre and post-trial/race reports. We pride ourselves on being the best communicators in the business. Our Racing Manager or your Syndicate Manager can advise you on what owners' privileges are available when your horse races. On 'paying entry' or major race days you are entitled to entry for yourself, usually together with a racebook and drink voucher.

Does Off n Racing take a percentage of your horse’s prize money?

No - Each Syndicate has it's own arrangement regarding the paying out-of-stake money. Trainer (10%) and Driver (5%) percentages are deducted by Harness Racing New Zealand prior to stakes being received by us. We also pass on expenses to you at cost.

How is the horse named?

If the horse is not named already then Syndicate members are invited to provide name suggestions. Final decision sits with Off n Racing Management

What is your Animal Welfare policy?

Respect for the Standardbred in racing and also retirement has always been a top priority at Off n Racing. While many fillies and mares are destined for breeding, some of them together with geldings, are found new homes in trekking, showing, dressage, hunting, eventing, polo, show jumping or simply enjoying life/hacking around the farm.

Harness Racing New Zealand has also documented a vision (under the Rules of Racing) for Standardbred welfare and understands the importance of the issue internationally.

Off n Racing fully supports and complies with all aspects of horse well-being, going well above and beyond in our care for our equines at all stages of their careers. We believe in ‘Life After Racing'

What colours does my horse run in?

The Off n Racing, White Body with Blue Sleeves and Off n Racing Logo – Our colours stand out on the racetrack