Frequently asked Questions

Whether it is for the excitement and fun of owning a racehorse or as an investment, as a Standardbred owner you will also be joining a diverse ownership group. Successful businessmen, sports stars and people from all walks of life enjoy the competitive nature that Harness Racing offers. Imagine the thrill of watching your horse race at Addington Raceway, Alexandra Park or one of the many wonderful country tracks around NZ, hearing the roar of the crowd as your horse thunders down the home straight, in front.

How much is a racehorse to buy?

Racehorses vary in price depending on what stage they are at and their ability. Off n Racing offer as little as 1% shares - meaning almost anyone, no matter their budget can afford to purchase a share and experience Harness Racing Ownership. By clicking through to Our Available Horses you'll be able to browse our available horses and their prices - NOTE: you'll only be able to see the Buy In & Monthly Maintenance cost of each horse by signing into your account.

What are the different types of Ownership?

There are two main types of Ownership:



Do I need experience to own a horse?

Harness Racing ownership is an easy and affordable form of ownership that is open to everyone, regardless of your experience in the industry.

We will happily answer any questions you might have about the ownership process and help you find the right option for you.

Syndicates are also a great way to start out in ownership, sharing the cost and experience with a larger group of people.

With the option to increase investment in future should you wish to. 

Why become an owner?

  • Excitement - The thrill of watching your very own horse compete can not be rivaled!
  • The Personal Touch - Get to know your own horse and what makes them tick. Become a part of the story.
  • Social - You’ll meet people from all walks of life, who share the same passion and excitement as you.
  • Travel - Follow your horse as they race on metropolitan and country tracks.
  • Affordable - It doesn’t cost the earth to be a part of it! Syndicates offer small monthly payment options, now with more affordable syndicate options than ever!

What type of Ownership suits me?

All budgets can be catered for, from solo ownership of an entire horse, to small percentages of multiple horses via syndication.

By browsing the "Our Available Horses" section, you'll be able find horses in all price ranges, feel free to give us a call if you want to discuss the right ownership option for you

What does Ownership involve?

The ownership journey allows you to be a part of the story, not just a sideline spectator.

Follow your horse’s progress from the training track to the racetrack. You’ll experience the thrill of seeing your own horse compete knowing you’re a part of it - regardless of the size of your share.

Some Harness Racing clubs also offer various owner initiatives at race meetings throughout the year, rewarding owners who race with them.

And of course should your horse win you’ll have the opportunity to get your photograph in the Winner’s Circle!

Are there owner privileges on race days?

Owners' privileges vary between each Club. Some include free course entry, an owners-only area, stable entry, a Winners Bar and food & beverage discounts.

Owners that have email addresses registered with HRNZ will receive an email from each race club when their horse is entered at their meeting.

Many clubs also have an Owner Liaison available on race day who can assist with any queries an owner has on the day.

If I am lucky enough to have a winner, what deductions are taken from stakes?

The trainer is entitled to 10% of the total stakes earned and the driver is entitled to 5%. In all but a few cases, everything is paid out via the HRNZ stakes payment system. This means payments from race meetings are automatically generated by the computer system and twice monthly deposited into owners, trainers and drivers bank accounts.

What happens to my horse when it is retired from racing?

Off n Racing are proud to offer our own Life After Racing programme.

Your horse maybe retired due to lack of ability, injury or perhaps he's just come to the end of his racing career. Each horse will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

To find out more about the steps we take when rehoming our equine stars, please visit our Life After Racing page.

What is the difference between Pacers and Trotters?


The pace is a two beat lateral gait - when pacing, a horse's near side front and rear legs move back and forth at the same time. The opposing stride sees the off side front and rear legs moving back and forth at the same time.


As the name suggests, the trotter's preferred racing gait is the trot, where the horses' legs move in diagonal pairs, when the right foreleg moves forward so does the left hind leg, and vice versa. 

What is the difference between Standing Starts and Mobile Starts?

Standing Start - the race start type that involves horses lining up behind a barrier strand(s). The Starter will only start a race when all horses are standing well in a line.

Mobile Start - a race start type that involves a vehicle with two gate-like arms attached, which horses assemble behind. A Mobile Start ensures all runners are moving together at speed before the race begins.

Why should you own with Off n Racing?

  • We are the leaders in our field – Your first and only stop for Harness Racing Ownership! With an already impressive team of trainers on-board we'll continue to improve and expand our range of ownership opportunities to allow everyone who wants to be involved in the wonderful journey of Harness Racing Ownership the opportunity to be involved!
  • Consistent Updates – We appreciate that communication is key in racehorse ownership. This is why we pride ourselves on providing the industry’s best communication and using the world class PRISM Communication App we are working closely with Trainers throughout New Zealand so that they can bring their clients even more vision and personal updates of your pride and joy. You will receive weekly progress reports including audio reports, emails, photos, videos etc. You will always be up to date with the progress and plans for your racehorse from breaking-in through to the winner’s stall. When we know – you will know.
  • Experience, knowledge and passion – We're passionate about the Harness Racing Industry and improving the ownership experience for everyone involved. You'll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey of racehorse ownership knowing you're involved with the most open, truth-worthy and honest syndication company.
  • We'll be Owners just like you - We'll purchase the first share in every horse we syndicate on this site, we're that confident in the team we have put together and their ability to train and select winning racehorses that we want to be involved as an owner in them all!
  • More access to your horse – Attend special track work sessions and stable visits/open days. Gain exclusive knowledge from your trainer about everything that goes into the care and training of your pride and joy.